Thursday, February 5, 2015

Update on Reason #4 that I train with TNT

You may recall a few weeks back that I wrote about Reason #4 (out of 26) that I was training to run a marathon...

Well, Brandon will be starting radiation therapy today.

I am dedicating each and every one of my up-coming panic attacks, near drownings, and celebrations of finally making it to the other side of the pool tonight to him.

If I am being completely honest with you here (and I do try to be), I have been asking myself all week WTF I was thinking in signing up to train for a triathlon with Team In Training. I truly did not comprehend the profound change in lifestyle that this was going to entail. But in my many moments of apprehension and doubt... I keep reminding myself that this is about so much more than me. Am I doing this because I want to challenge myself? Yes. Am I doing it to prove to myself that I can? Yes... Am I afraid that I might fail? Yes!!  But more importantly, I am training for a triathlon with Team In Training because I believe in the mission of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Brandon is a two time survivor. He is starting treatment today for a third time... and he is going to be a three time survivor because progress in treatment options and efficacy is being made. And it is being made possible in no small part because of research grants funded by LLS. Which means funded by you and I and everyone else who makes a donation to LLS.

If you've got a moment... please think of Brandon today, send him some healing energy or positive vibes, say a prayer for him, etc.

And if you've got a few dollars to spare, please make a donation to LLS (by clicking on the link to my fundraising page)... so that we can continue to provide the Brandons of the world more options, better treatment, and continued support in their struggles to survive, get well and thrive in their lives after cancer.

thanks in advance...

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