Wednesday, February 4, 2015

let me dazzle you with my amazing sense of style

I am a big proponent of wool socks... Canadian winters make them a necessity, and I still love them even though it never really gets that cold here in Virginia.

So, today I was wearing wool socks in my dress shoes. Not that anyone would know because my dress shoes are not Birkenstocks, and because my trousers are modest enough to cover my ankles.

When I got home from work this evening I did the usual scramble to tend to all the animal needs (food, water, exercise, shelter, etc)... make a quick dinner, and throw my gym gear into a bag before heading to the gym for our scheduled training ride.

When I got to the gym and opened my bag, I realized I had left my gym shoes by the front door.

What else could I do? I just got on the bike and dazzled them all with my gym fashion... cycling shorts, blue and green wool socks, and dress shoes.

"pictures, or it never happened!" the Facebook crowd said... and so, here it is:

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